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This doesn't feel very impact-y.

yendi and I have been best friends for eight years. We've been a couple for four. We've lived together for three.

It just feels like we're already married. It has for a while. We've been calling each other husband and wife for at least a year. So this fuss over dresses and rings just feels silly.

And it doesn't feel really real, but that's in large part because all of the planning is taking place in another state. I get the occasional phone call to pick out a song, to weigh in on what sort of roses I want and whether Elayna would like to wear a wreath of them (she would).

Shit. We need to get a catsitter! See, this is the stuff I don't think about. *laugh*

Anyway, it just feels strange. Probably because we've been shacking up for so long. Which I'd recommend to everyone, actually; it'll save you from a marriage like my last one. I didn't move in with the Evil Ex until a few months before the wedding. So I thought that his assholitude was moving stress. Then I thought it was wedding stress. It wasn't until we'd been married for a bit that I realized that that was his actual personality.

Which is why Yendi and I have lived together for three years. We've been through a hell of a lot together - being stalked by the ex (who drove to Atlanta - from Florida - just to leave stuff on my door), breaking up, getting back together, weathering my diagnosis, people doing shitty things to me, etc.

As I am fond of saying that if we were going to kill each other, we'd've done so by now.

As I'm also fond of saying that no one would have us but us. :) We're attuned on so many levels. I swear our conversations are straight out of Gilmore Girls - rapid-fire pop-culture stuff. Because we operate in the same way, verbally and mentally.

Yes, Master and I mesh. In different ways. The ways Yendi and I mesh... I don't think anyone else would mesh with either of us. :)

So yeah. We belong together. This is just a piece of paper confirming what everyone already knows...
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