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Hello to new reader dhubris!

I'm extremely date-confused these days. Which is doubleplusungood, as I have wedding stuff to get done, and I can't keep track of when I am!

Tomorrow, lunch with Corey. Saturday night, dinner with envoy - any other locals going? Sunday, AIDS Walk. Monday, Dusti may be in town!

Thursday, I fly to Arizona. And then I get married and stuff.

Just got to try to keep my timeline in my head.

This is why I have a box full of index cards that tell me when things happen in Shayara. Like when Capri and Halloran get together in relation to when Julia and Kieran do. When the Master of the Hounds betrays them the first time (before Julia & Kieran get together). Et cetera. Because I can't do the time thing.

I have decided that I'll schedule my followup post-Halloween. Because I will not start on a new medication immediately before my wedding. This one's difficult enough, but it's the devil I know.

I continued the Capri and Halloran thing, with Halloran needing to get the hell out of the house, and bumping into Kieran at a club. Not good writing, though. Kieran was acting out of character after the first few paragraphs, just to lay the ground for an embarrassing joke.

Kelly Tallart was in character, though, the little minx. I like her. She's not a main character, not even a secondary character. A tertiary character. But I like even my tertiary characters.

I have the opening theme song from Chobits going through my head. Which is annoying. Because I hate that song. Worst anime theme song ever.

(Best opening theme song: Fushigi Yuugi, with Shoujo Kakumei Utena a close second. Best closing theme song: Excel Saga. Because it is sung - in mournful bow-wows - by a dog who is imploring the lead character to eat him quickly to spare him the suffering.)

EDIT: Now I have "Beulahland" by Tori Amos in my head. Which is much better.)

Note to self - write TwoHeadedCat column tonight!
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