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Monday Monday

Welcome to new readers _cinnamongirl_, ketzl, orchydconstyne, sainthuck, temarrea, and thornsilver!

I have to warn those of you who came over from metaquotes - I'm not always funny!

Less than two weeks til I get married.


Today, Yendi's suit. Tomorrow, I pick up my dress.

Anyone local have a garment bag we can borrow?

Other Countdown
Less than three weeks til Halloween! Which also means less than three weeks til I see thryn and kires. I'm almost as excited about that as I am about the holiday itself. Halloween makes me all giddy.

Other Other Countdown
Less than a month before I hypothetically go part-time. I really hope that that happens on schedule, as the promise of part-time Very Soon Nowis the only thing that's kept me from taking a medical leave of absence.

Repetitive Stress
I looked up carpal tunnel syndrome, and it looks like it's that; they say just treat it at home with Advil and ice, and wear a wrist splint at night. So I'll just have to watch the amount of typing that I do.

And I need to buy a wrist splint.

My drugstore must love me.

About goddamn time.
The asshole superintendent has been FIRED.

The fuckwad who required school uniforms - then revoked the requirement a few days after school started, meaning that thousands of parents had spent hundreds of dollars on each child on stuff they didn't need.

The asshole who wanted to close a sizable percentage of the schools in Atlanta. Including all of the pilot Montessori schools.

The bastard who forced a schedule on county schools that would have had school starting on August 1st (it already starts and ends too early) to allow kids an extra week off in fall. When, like during spring break, there is no childcare option under about $200.

Out the fucking door.

About. Damn. Time.
Right, then.
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