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I have.

My iPod.

iPod iPod iPod FREE iPOD.

Freshman orientation program = going to baseball games and the farmer's market and stuff = iPod. I got a free iPod for goofing off.

I love my job sometimes.

She is so very shiny and 40g. And I love her.

Guess what I'm doing when I get home?

EDIT: Oh! Story: The big stupidhead at the bookstore/computerstore said they only had the Minis.

So yendi went back to the office of the People In Charge.

"Oh, yeah, we have some 40gs!"

See, yendi is well-known. To the point that two people greeted him by name on our way back to the office.

I'm Mrs. yendi, bitch. Gimme my iPod. Other people may not get iPods. But I'm Mrs. yendi. I get whatever I want.

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