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* I have Krispy Kremes, and you don't. Unless you do. In which case, why didn't you give me any?

* My tummy is full of pasta. This pleases me.

* I got my first AIDS Walk sponsor! Little old Chinese man. He said "We have to do something about the AIDS," and it reminded me of a Jewish mother stage-whispering "the cancer".

* Y'know how I was all angsty about the Alanna stuff I was writing that was freaking me out? Yeah. Now a Julia segment has forced its way into my head. How she went from being the terrified little runaway she was when she fled home to being the streetwise hardass she is when we "meet" her.

Some things make me feel dirty to write. Give me shudders. :( Got to sit down and write this so I can get it out of my head quickly...

* I am still feeling slightly whimsical because my brain is only falling down intermittently today.

* I'm trying to talk m0usegrrl into teaming up to do a Shayara calendar. Originally just beefcake, but I'm thinkin' we could alternate guys and girls. Her art is beautiful...

* I just found a pack of sidewalk chalk in my mailbox.

* They're introducing Flexible Spending Account debit cards!
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