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Side-effect city! has a new and expanded list of side effects! Finally!


weight loss
hair loss/thinning
skin problems (such as acne or rash)
trouble with mouth or gums
difficulty concentrating
difficulty communicating
memory problems
upset stomach
difficulty falling asleep

It's so much fun being me!

Just wrote the doc because of the mouth/gum problem, which is new, and to inform her that I'm on Week Two of a headache. In addition to everything else.

I *heart* the university directory, because now I have her e-mail address and am thus unaffected by the "difficulty communicating" referenced above. I am far more lucid in print than I am in person, to the extent that azurelunatic pointed out that I seem almost normal here, cognitively. I instinctively fake health. Heh. So. E-mail means that I don't have to stumble around verbally and keep from getting distracted and remember to list every side effect. Because, hello, "memory problems" too.

EDIT: Continuing to explore the site, and... dude. "Symptoms of partial seizures can be mistaken for other disorders. For example, dreamlike perceptions of partial seizures may be mistaken for migraine, which also can cause a dreamlike state."
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