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AIDS Walk Atlanta

I participated in AIDS Walk Atlanta last year and loved it. It wasn't my first AIDS Walk; I did a few in Miami when I lived down in Florida.

These things are most excellent. Raising money for a good cause, having a nice long walk... and the experience of being out there with thousands of other people who care passionately about helping out a good cause is simply amazing.

This post was originally going to be a poll asking whether or not I ought to do it again this year, given my intermitten exhaustion and, well, the fact that it's the weekend before my wedding...

But as I was typing this very entry, I realized that there was really no indecision there at all. This is important to me. This is really important to me.

So! I'm doing it. I'm insane to be doing it, but I'm doing it.

Please sponsor me for AIDS Walk Atlanta.

Please pass it on, whether you can sponsor me or not! I do not often ask for pimpage. But please pimp the hell out of this.
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