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Hello to new reader qassandra!

I got a call at home at about 9 AM yesterday. Hit voicemail, of course. The caller was a Drama Club mom, asking me to volunteer for tonight's fundraiser. (I cannot, as I am volunteering for the book fair tonight.)

Now personally, I would tend to assume that all mothers are working mothers, that stay-at-home moms are the exception. So calling the home phone number at 9 AM would seem like a rather ineffectual idea to me.

But she says, at the end of her slow and meandering message, "Please call me at work..."

I can understand - narrowly - a stay-at-home mom thinking that other moms don't work. But a working mom?

(Yes, I am well aware that every mom is a working mom. I stayed home with Elayna until she was two. For the purposes of this eyeroll, working mom = working outside the home, 'k?)

Love. Love love love.
Giant may be the world's most perfect magazine. They talk about The Lost Boys, have comic book reviews, use footnotes, and have a petition to save the ampersand. And a section for news regarding monkeys.


I'll be over here quietly chanting "monkey monkey monkey" now.
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