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Happy birthday to dragontdc!

Hello to new reader (and fellow 2HC columnist) beldar, and to returning reader rainbow_slinky!

Um, it has been reported that there's a spike in people viewing my column - but nowhere else on the site. Dude. There are other columns there, and they are good columns. Show them some love. I mean, there's a cartoon depicting mightywombat as a floating crash helmet, a la Doonesbury. Explore.

It's Rex Manning Opthalmologist Day!
Today I get to find out if I have glaucoma yet. Yay me.

See - it's never boring being me.

Fortunately, this is my last scheduled doctor's appointment until midDecember... so, barring medical emergencies (which I really cannot do), I'll get a break from this shit.

Caribou Coffee is offering a stuffed moose dressed for Halloween.

I will be requiring this moose, please.

Also, they're introducing a new drink: Campfire Mocha. Espresso, toasted marshmallow, and chocolate.


I cannot wait til they roll that out. Oh, man.

Today's Special
Just so I remember: Eye doc, pick up kid, bank, seamstress, grocery shopping.

Maybe pick up kid after that stuff. Depends on time. All three of the latter errands are in the same shopping center, so we're not going to interrupt any of that to go get her.

Scholastic Book Fair!
Her class is going today! And tomorrow is the Book Fair Family Night. I'm volunteering. :)

I love book fairs.

I am only very sparingly reading the friends list. Got something you 'specially want me to see? E-mail me.

Quote Wars
The "Most Quotable Movie of All Time" thread is still going strong. :)

Okay. I go now.
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