Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Drawing Inward

We could actually do this part-time thing.

It'd impact us. We'd halved our comic-book expenses not long ago - now we'd halve them again, bare minimum, and Amazon-wishlist trade paperbacks instead of buying them.

No "Let's order pizza because we happen to have money."

No randomly treating people to lunch, alas.

No impulse buying of like 3 DVDs at a time at Best Buy. No hitting the bookstore for quick fixes. Embrace the library!

Buying Elayna a secondhand flute, now that she's established a real and true interest. This'll save $30 a month alone.

Buying stuff in bulk.

Cooking more, instead of spending more money on pre-prepared foods.

Et cetera.

And yendi's raise will absorb a little of it, and no longer paying for after-school care will absorb a lot.

See, we have America Disease. We want stuff. We want everything. Books and DVDs on the day of release. New furniture. More this. Better that.

One of the gifts of my body's fuckery: Prioritization. I can't run around volunteering at Field Day, but I can volunteer for an hour at the book fair.

I can't keep working full-time. This is killing me.

So I can cut back on things. I can determine what I need and prioritize that over what I want and am accustomed to getting.

We buy things we don't need simply because

* We want
* We can
* It makes us feel prosperous; we like the feeling that we can just walk into a store and buy what we want to buy.

That "we" is the universal "we", incidentally.

Priorities. Priorities. Priorities.

EDIT: Oh, and Open Enrollment is coming up - so I could do the Flexible Spending Account thing. Is that what it's called? For medical finances? To set aside funds before taxes. Because I know that I'll be paying at least $30/month in prescriptions alone, and having that not-taxed could not possibly be a bad thing... I'll have to see if that's monthly or yearly, and see how it all works. But there. That's another little thing.
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