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There's a certain point at which you just give up on the whole idea of A Good Night's Sleep. Because I haven't gotten to bed before midnight all week. So at about this time, right after sending rambling nonsensical e-mails, I get to thinking at AIM would be a fun idea. Because it becomes an iron-man kinda thing. Like, fuck this shit, if I'm going to be exhausted all day tomorrow, I may as well make it count.

'Specially 'cause, since I'm going out at about 10 tomorrow, I certainly don't anticipate being back before 1.

And Friday? Let's just say that the last two times I hung out with Kires of an evening, I wound up going to bed at 4 AM on Friday and 6 AM on Saturday. So, y'know, fuck it.

No sleep til Brooklyn!


....okay, bored now. Yet not making enough sense to respond to LJ comments. A fine paradox.



.... I may as well try to sleep. *aggrieved sigh*
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