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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to sionainn!

Hello to new readers halogirl66 and nonpersona!

yendi's and my first dance at the wedding - "Suddenly Seymour".

Oh, poop.
I just realized that I have to go to a freakin' baseball game tonight. *megapout* I thought I'd be able to have a fun visit with dark_blade, but I forgot to check my Clie... Rin, can we reschedule for tomorrow?

So Tired.
Just three more days. Then I go to Florida. Which will make me a different kind of tired. But I will get to see friends. And make new friends. So. Yay friends!

That kinda makes up for having to spend probably half the weekend shoe shopping. Which is a major pain in the ass, as I am a size 5 with narrow feet and brachymetatarsia. Ugh.

That is all.
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