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* Much rain. Much wind.

* Big huge work project started today! Glee! I got to implement all of the improvements I'd devised. Yay! *does the "I rock" dance*

* For the project, I needed to use two different colors. So of course I used purple and green. Because I cannot pass up an opportunity to reference both the Legendary Pink Dots and Babylon 5.

* One of the trees behind our building is so close to falling. Problem is, with all of the storms, these trees are saturated to the core... this tree was at an extreme angle. It may just collapse gracefully with a gentle sigh, but if I come in tomorrow and there's a hole in the building, I am turning around and going home. I think that's fair.

* The post I wrote about not writing in LJ on company time - I wrote it at lunch. So don't worry. :)

* I'm gonna be a bridesmaid! In dark green velvet! Yay!

* I wish I could have LEWD tonight. But alas. Unsafe driving conditions.

* *squee!* New James Alan Gardner book is here! I go now!
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