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Limited LJing

The short version is this:

I'm pursuing an opportunity here at work that would give me exactly what I need - reduced hours, with duties compressed so that I'm constantly on-task. Which I prefer to dicking around online, truly I do! And I'd be working in a position that allows me to focus more on organization and planning and less on dealing with clueless undergrads. And just... just better for me, in a lot of ways that I'm too brainfogged to go into right now.

Also, the excitement of working with the expanded resources that the grant we've applied for would be giving us... which would highly impact that position... mmm... building a structure from the ground up...

Well. Yes.


The point: I need to be on my very best behavior. So. Posting will be VERY limited, if any posting, and friends page? Nuh-uh. Just as an FYI. If I'm on during the day, I'll be on at lunch - and maybe not even then, because I tend to do writing during lunch...


The point: You shall be seeing less of me. Which is probably a good thing for your overwhelmed friends-pages!
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