Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
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Happy birthday to the fantabulous wispfox!

Welcome back to LJ, melilots!

Procrastination was successful in that I did not get any satisfactory writing done. I ended up getting brainfoggy and falling asleep on the couch. Which resulted in me being up til about 2. And being exhausted today.

I love my daughter. But if she climbs all over me one more morning, I swear...

I am not a social person in the AM. I need to wake up gradually. I need to not have a child who is over half my weight flop down on my stomach, elbow my boob with all of her weight for leverage when I tell her to get off my stomach, and then lay on my legs. I need to not have this. There will be A Talk tonight.

All I need is like 10 minutes of peace and quiet, and then I'm set for the day, I swear.

This did not contribute to good mommy/daughter interaction this morning, as I had to tell her to change clothes again, as the shirt she was wearing was apparently designed for a kid who's already got breasts. Since she has nothing to fill it out on the sides, that deep notched neckline just slides around her chest and exposes her entire upper chest. Probably including what little she's got.

I am sick of doing the wardrobe dance. And so is she. And she's at the stage where she doesn't want to wear anything that her classmates have already seen. Ugh.

Love my child. Hate mornings.

I am wearing piggie socks.

No, placesyouhaunt is not pining for the fjords. It is not an ex-story. I just haven't been writing much lately. Exhaustion. Will be remedying that.

*does the "up to no good" dance*

I go now.
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