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Feed me!

In keeping with the unintentional theme of today's entries - the "'song lives and breathes music" theme - I am doing the meme thingie.

Go there. Send me music! I can't give you feedback til I get home, but send me a song or two, okay? :)

Like theferrett said - comment here with what you sent so I'll know who sent what.

Also comment here, with your e-mail address, if you want *me* to send *you* stuff!

My e-mail address for this: shadesong AT

EDIT so's to not flood your friends page *too* much: Guess what guess what? The freshman orientation program I'm in pays $350. You can get that as just plain money, but it's taxed to hell and back. Or you can get it as research funds and have the college reimburse you for purchases - but what the orientation program will reimburse you for is a bit limited. Has to be at least vaguely work-related.

So guess what?

Option #3 is to transfer the money to a department account. Which means that you can use those funds either to order stuff directly on the account - or get reimbursed by the department.

I asked my boss if she would reimburse me for an iPod. A 40-gig costs $350 with the educational-institution discount. Aaaand she said yes. So. Glee!

What I will likely do, since I don't get the money til late October/Early November and I want the iPod NOW, is ask my parents for the money and then reimburse then immediately when I get the reimbursement from the department. My credit is good at the Bank of Dad.

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