Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Happy Friday!

Happy early birthday to dtaylor, magiien, and rhiannonhero!

Still bouncing!

Dude - I lost my squee. Seriously. I tried to squee before bed. No squee. No sound.


Because you can't sing along with them. You yell, you shout, you bellow! So. Voice gone. But! Happy 'song. :)

This is something that Gwyn and I both Needed. And we got what we needed. Yay!

One month from today.


Anyone in Atlanta know a good seamstress? I need my dress taken in.

(Fortunately, it comes with a scarf - so I can bring fabric with me when I'm shoe-shopping next weekend!)

Long-sleeved black shirt. Jeans that are too big for me... maybe I can get Mom to take me shopping. I mean, she apparently had hundreds of dollars earmarked for my wedding dress, and now she won't have to spend it on that... Anyway. Penguin socks. *dance* I am still so hyper.

Blasting through the tremendous stack of magazines we've gotten in the past week or so. Also, still GRRM when I get time, and I read Borderland recently.

It's a fairly unplanned weekend, thank goodness. Girl Scout meeting tomorrow - a bridging ceremony, officially bringing the ascending Brownies into the Junior Girl Scouts. Including Elayna. :) Other than that - nothing, really. Which is a Good Thing, because I have so much to do around the house.

Yeah. I'm gonna be squeeing all day.

Gwyn and I decided that we are goddesses of dance and of song. Like muses! Like muses with stompy boots!

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