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*squee!* *squee!* *squee!*

That may very well have been the best concert ever. Seriously. gwynraven says so too.

We are in pain. Our tummies hurt from spending most of the time poinging around like ferretts on crack. We can't breathe. Our clothing is pasted to our bodies. I'm going to have bruises on my collarbone from my collar. Our legs? Like cooked spaghetti.

Me: "I danced a little."
Gwyn: "A little?!?"

She's laughing right now. She's behind me. Everyone say hi!

Our cheeks hurt from grinning. We have lost our voices. We are OUT OF OUR MINDS and love everybody in the whole wide world right now. Yes, you too.


We started bouncing on the first song and we just did not stop. Well. There was also some impromptu jigging. And hipwiggly slinkage. And just rocking back and forth to slow songs.

I think I spent only about half of this show on my feet.

30% on both feet.

Airborne 'song!

*bounce* *bounce*

Gwyn and I were wondering whether we'd cry at "Whistles the Wind". Now we know.

They played "Black Friday Rule" and "If I Ever Leave This World Alive"... back to back. Julia's songs. Back to back.


We are still VERY giddy. We have been giddy for hours now. Parts of the concert were just spent holding each others' hands and bouncing and squeeing and hugging because we were just so freakin' ecstatic.

I danced. I have not danced in some time. I have not danced like that in ages.


Our brains are not working. And our clothing is stuck to our bodies. So we're gonna go now.

EDIT: We are still. Bouncing.

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