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Album review! New Flogging Molly - Within a Mile of Home!

I've never done this for an album before. But I am a woman obsessed. And I really think this is their best yet. Whee!

1. Screaming at the Wailing Wall
I got all bouncy when the album kicked off with this, as it reminded me strongly of "Drunken Lullabies". Kickin' ass right off the bat. Also, it is anti-Bush. :)

2. Seven Deadly Sins
Pirates! Pirates! Pirates! This is the one department the last album stumbled on. No pirate songs. Need pirate songs. And it's fun and bouncy and catchy as all hell.

3. Factory Girls (featuring Lucinda Williams)
This one is more countrified, so it took me a while to get used to it. Liking it now, though. :)

4. To Youth (My Sweet Roisin Dubh)
Want to dance to this! Just for pure music-joy.

5. Whistles The Wind
This makes me want to dance in a different way... slow spinning. I sing along to this one softly.

6. Light of a Fading Star
yendi's favorite. And my new journal subtitle. :) Anthemic.

7. Tobacco Island
This one is right up there with Great Big Sea's "Donkey Riding" for catchiest song on the planet. And I love the way he sings "I'm coming home"...

8. The Wrong Company
A capella. One of the songs that makes me fervently wish that I could sing.

9. Tomorrow Comes a Day too Soon
Another dancing-for-sheer-joy song!

10. Queen Anne's Revenge
Pirates! Pirates! Pirates! And also a different vocalist, which took a little getting used to...

11. Wanderlust
This one reminds me so strongly of Charles de Lint's short story "Timeskip". It flashbonded with the story in my brain. Now it's totally Geordie's song.

12. Within a Mile of Home
Easily my favorite song on the album. Not just dancing-with-joy. Crowing and laughing with it.

13. The Spoken Wheel
Mournful-ish snippet that leads right into...

14. With a Wonder and a Wild Desire
Great title! Great song. :)

15. Don't Let Me Die
This reminds me of "There but for the Grace of God". Very much a piece of Dave's heart, I think.

So. Much love, y0. Much love.

Dear gods. I have NRE for an album.

And I gotta say, it's funny that I googled for a definition of NRE to put up for you non-poly people, and I came up with the website of someone I know on the very first page.
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