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Hello to new reader stevietee!

Flogging Molly concert tomorrow!

Concern has been voiced - no, placesyouhaunt has not replaced Shayara. Shayara is still my main project... essentially, I'm doing Shayara background bits until my fabulous artist gets on her feet out in SF and feels ready to draw again. placesyouhaunt is a side project that I did like 700 words on in 2002, and picked up recently because, after my trip back to Vegas in June (thank you, Master!), I finally knew how the story went. I have the last two words in my head already... but the rest of it is building itself as it goes. This is, in a way, practice in letting stuff flow. And being unfettered by years of continuity.

State of the 'song
Exhausted. But. Still happy that I have been allowed to stop taking The Hell Drug.

Childbearing Years
Yes, that's stupid. I mean, I understand if I was twenty or something. But I'm 30. I have a kid. I am not looking to have another kid. Trust me.

Like I said, I think that the weight loss will be significant enough at 325mg/day to warrant trying something new, but I'll ride with it for now just to flush the Keppra out of my system. Worried, though, about seizure risk.
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