Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Neuro neuro neuro

I am off the fucking Keppra right now. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

Increased seizure risk, but not too much. Yes, yendi's driving.

No more Keppra EVER.

*pant* *pant* 'k.


Since I had a seizure at 300mg/day of Lamictal and was nonfunctional at 350mg/day, we're going to aim for the obvious - 325. If that ain't working, we try something else.

Frankly? That ain't gonna work. Because I wasn't free and clear at 300, side-effect-wise. I was only starting to get to that concentrating-enough-to-drive-15-minutes thing when I was at 300. Must go back through LJ and dig up a side-effect timeline.

But the Keppra? Fuck a gradual downgrade. It's over. It is the hell out of here.

What drives me a little crazy is that they pussyfoot around prescribing different drugs for one reason and one reason only:

I am a woman of childbearing age.

These are the drugs that have the fewest effects on a developing baby.

I cannot seem to make it clear to these people that I do not want a baby. And that if I decide I would like one, I will tell them. But I do not foresee that happening. Seriously.


We're watching my weight very closely; that's the most important variable right now.

I actually, according to their office scale... gained a pound. Awesome!

Except, y'know, that was on Keppra. And Lamictal is what caused the weight loss. And I'm going back up on Lamictal.

Give it time. I'm sure if I hit 80 they'll try something new. *eyeroll*

But anyway, yeah. Most important thing is that I'm off Keppra, and that I'm with someone who understands that weight loss is a side effect, agrees that we need to watch that closely, and can see me when I need to be seen.

I'll try the Lamictal at 325. But y'know - I was still losing weight at 300. So I think we may have to switch on that basis alone.

But I am perfectly willing to try. Because it seems like she'll listen, albeit reluctantly, if I find this unworkable.

I also got my blood levels done. Fuckin' OW. I'm actually going to call back in a week or two just to see what my lamotrigine levels are. I'm just curious. Nw Doc was just as puzzled at I was regarding the ludicrous fluctuation last time I had my blood levels checked. Whee!

Okay. Going to go eat dinner. And take my Lamictal. And *no fucking Keppra*.
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