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Bizarre Egg Question


In the latest installent of placesyouhaunt, Griffin is making an omelet.

Can someone please tell me if he has taken the appropriate amount of time to cook said omelet? I mean, I don't want him to give Sara food poisoning.

This is when you know that your story is completely in the hands of your characters. They start making fuckin' omelets. I have no clue how to make an omelet. I can't even be in the house when someone makes an omelet. The smell of eggs cooking makes me gag.

But nooooo, he can't just give her a bowl of Cheerios. He has to make her a fuckin' omelet. Gah.

Anyway. Someone tell me if she's going to get... is it salmonella that you get from undercooked eggs? Tell me if he's cooked the damn omelet for long enough.

Fuckin' omelet.

EDIT: Okay, four responses say he cooked it long enough, so I shan't worry.

Sorry about the here/PYH overlap. I just want to keep PYH 100% fiction. No meta.
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