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Tew's Day

Happy birthday to voldsom!

Hello to new reader zeyr, and returning reader harold3!

Elayna and band
So we're talking in the car today, and I said, "You know, even if you opt to drop band, you can have flute lessons anytime."

Her immediate response - "Okay. If I can really have lessons anytime, I'd like to drop band."

So it's the instrument that interests her, not Being in Band. Which rocks, because I did want to continue her musical education; the kid has talent. I'm glad she and I are totally on the same page with this.

So I think I'll be looking for a good used flute on eBay instead of continuing to rent this one, since she has expressed a desire to continue... and, if she continues at this level of interest, perhaps we'll get her a new one for her birthday. (Or ask my parents to.)

She was so relieved and rambunctious and happy after our talk last night... and so efficient this morning. This really seems to be a load off her mind. I'm glad I twigged to the fact that there was an issue. It's just - when I get that angry, it generally means that I'm upset with myself. So I figured maybe she was having the same...

"Somebody told me you were doing okay/But somehow I guess they were wrong"
(Flogging Molly, "Whistles the Wind")

So! Today. New neurologist. I get to explain the whole thing over again.

Which means that I'll spend this morning making a list, writing everything up... because late morning is when the medicine hits my system and my ability to communicate falters...

Places You Haunt
Dude, interpretation of yesterday's thingie about placesyouhaunt - friend the journal. Otherwise, um, you won't know when it updates and stuff. All I was asking was for people to identify themselves if they're using secondary journals or if I haven't encountered them before, just so I know who they are before they add them.

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