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Trying to be better....

...about photos... kires gave me a hard time this weekend about hating pictures of myself. I don't photograph well. So some of these are unflattering, but that is not the fault of the photographer (morenasangre).

These are from DisneyWorld... when? I don't know. 1999? 2000? I first met yendi in person in late '98, and I didn't meet morenasangre and farren til after that, and there was another Tamson-House person with us and my revolting ex-husband is not with us, so it wasn't our first time meeting morenasangre and farren...

Anyway. Something like that. A while ago. Early 'song/Yendi!

Morena called this "squinchyface". I think the next pic is more squinchy. I like this one.

What I look like when I'm strenuously trying to avoid being photographed. (Yes, I have loved Flogging Molly for a long-ass time.)

No, seriously. Get that camera away from me!

I like yendi's smile in that one. A lot. :)

In which I accept that Morena is just going to keep on taking pictures, and borrow That Look from la_belledame and shoot it at her - and vow to seize and destroy the camera later. But later.. oooh! Shiny thing! Um, what? Camera? Oops.

(I am eating. Is why my mouth looks all weird.)
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