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Weekend report

Things you forget about Florida...

Jalousie windows. Tiny albino lizards - almost transparent. Lovebugs.

Little forgotten fragments of childhood. Odd.

Plane was delayed by an hour. Because it was AirTran. AirTran and Southwest are almost completely incapable of taking off on time; the reason this trip was free was because they fucked up my flight from Boston so hardcore.

So I arrived at midnight. So we didn't go out dancing, which was fine because I'm shy about dancing in clubs; as I told kires, for me, dancing is a) a form of worship or b) foreplay. Sometimes both.

So we picked up his misplaced ATM card at respectables (I do approve of the music), got Krispy Kremes, and retired to his house. There was then... I think about four episodes of Babylon 5, season 2, worth of full-body snuggling. *happysigh* Nice warm cuddly kires. Happy 'song.

Then, bed.

Woke up lateish because of being up til like 4 AM the previous night (I'm estimating; was too tired to look at my watch before bed). Goofed off, had coffee, had Krispy Kremes - and kires was unexpectedly summoned for a Family Conversation (his mother was very apologetic). Which gave me the chance to continue reading bitsyboo's Burning Florence, which I found to be most excellent - and Bitsy, I see what you mean about our parallels of "dude, I don't like that being in my brain!"

Heh. Turns out that, um, they thought the beach house was rented for one week... but his grandma screwed up and didn't make an accurate record. It was rented for two weeks. Which is fine, because - like I told kires - being with kires is vacation enough. Like I said. Happy 'song.

So he said, "Disney?"

And I said, "Let's go!"

This is one of the things I love. Spontaneous Disney! He's insane enough to just up and drive several hours to spend a little time at Disney. Spontaneity is what I loved about going to Arisia (that and meeting Master!).

Called Childhood Friend Jeff - now invishane - who happily agreed to get us in free, and asked if it was cool for him to come with and I was like Dude! and he was like Dude! and well yah.

We ended up not getting there til about 8. I think it was 8.

Yes, the parks close at 9.

So we went to E.P.C.O.T. Center - yes, I know that they just call it Epcot for now. They also call Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC. I refuse to cave regarding the proper naming of things. And Jeff! There was Jeffness! He cut his hair! And it's its natural color (almost the same dark-blonde as mine is when exposed to sun) for the first time since he was like 14! Damn, it was good to see him.

We rode Spaceship Earth, which is so incredibly dated... Jeff says that they'd been planning to gut it and update it, but found that that would destroy the structural integrity. Heh. And then we went to Norway, where I bought a troll (morenasangre, where's the pic of yendi and I with the giant troll?) and a "Moose Crossing" sign.

Then - Illuminations, the fireworks display.

I don't do 4th-of-July things. Because I hate big sweaty crowds, that's why. So I haven't seen fireworks in years. And I'm like a little kid with this stuff... so yeah.

Me, standing, hands clasped, wisps of waves and curls escaping the little clip holding my hair back, leaning my head back to look at the sky. Light exploding everywhere. The music from the Parade of Nations. Right behind me, one of my oldest dear friends, and my newest.

Thank you, kires.

We then went to see Sky Captain... we talked as much as possible on the way home (fastest car rides ever, with him, simply because of the nonstop animated conversation), until I could not keep my eyes open anymore... I leaned back and dozed til we reached his house.

And then we were up til 6 AM with more of the luscious snuggling. :)

We'd planned to take me to Palm Beach to put me in the water... but we woke up around noon, and he was then summoned to his grandmother's house for tech support. Note: I met his mother, grandmother, kids, and babymomma this weekend. I'm shy! But they all seem very nice. And his older son likes Invader Zim.

So we ended up on the road around 2:30.

And I have a 6:30 flight.

I suggested that we just stay "home" and watch B5. There was wibbling, as he wanted to be absolutely certain that I was okay with not going in the ocean, as that was my stated reason for visiting.

As I told him before, though... being with him truly is vacation enough. I haven't been that relaxed in forever. I haven't had that much continuous touch-comfort in ages (Master and I were fairly busy when I visited him). I was, am, happy with everything that transpired, and was/am not upset that things didn't go as planned; my l33t probability powers were at work, but it was all fine. Besides, we'd only have had about one hour at the beach! This way - hours of snuggling.

And that is what transpired. And then I came home.

In the Future
kires has assured me that his friend, an airline employee, would be willing to exercise her l33t free-flight powers on my behalf... thereby enabling me to visit any time I want. So next time, beach house. This time, I got very much of what I needed anyway, despite things going somewhat pear-shaped.

And like I said in my first morning post... relatively side-effect-free! Most excellent.

Happy 'song. :)
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