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Monday Monday

Hello to new reader bitch_fester!

Doctor Update
So! Went to the regular doc on Friday.

My scale is wrong! I'm the same weight! W00t! (Except now I'm going back on the Lamictal which is going to make me lose weight again...)

I cannot go to a nutritionist. Because my insurance only covers a nutritionist if the patient is diabetic.

She is able to fill out short-term disability paperwork - but she feels it'd be better if the neurologist did it, simply because they'd have more detailed information. I agree, of course; I asked because with an HMO, usually everything has to go through your primary care doctor. Apparently this does not. Cool.

I like this doctor. Because I had a 4:00 appointment. And I was out of there, with all of my concerns addressed and without being rushed, by 4:30.

This was exactly what I needed. Well, almost, but I'll do another post about the follies of this weekend. :) But kires is such a calming influence... I think the stress really exacerbates the agitation/mania stuff, and this was stress-free, and there was much touch-comfort. I was mostly side effect free. There was brainslippage that I mostly fought off. Minimal. And the equilibrium issues that I had when I was ramping up on the Lamictal are back. But mostly side effect free. Cooool.

Flogging Molly! This Thursday! Yay!

Weather Report
It's COLD today!

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