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Happy birthday to auryn29a and xiuzan!

Hello to new reader a_reading_list!

Elayna's school is closed today.

And tomorrow.

Because of the hurricane that is not bloody well here.

This really pisses yendi and I off, seriously. He can work from home today, but not tomorrow; he has meetings all morning tomorrow, so I get to have her in the office all morning. I shall pray for her patience.


Another one gone...
Johnny Ramone died yesterday. :( We are sad. We played "Blitzkrieg Bop", "Rock & Roll Radio", and "I Wanna be Sedated" this morning in memoriam. Will play more later. We interrupted Elayna's TV show to do it, and much as she liked the songs, she really wanted to know how the show ended.

Bloody hell.
I can't say "bloody 'round the house anymore. I used it last week, and Elayna said, "Mommy, that's a bad word."

"Only in England. We're not in England."


I asked her if, seriously, my use of the word "bloody" made her uncomfortable. She said that it did. So I'm going to try not to use it.

This child and language.... she doesn't even approve of "heck" or "darn". Where does this come from? I mean, it's not like I want to use George Carlin's Seven Dirty Words around her. But "darn"?

Four segments of placesyouhaunt yesterday. I regard three of those, Anthony's journal, to be all one piece, but they were written at separate times of the day and thus posted separately; also, the fourth segment was just a teeny thing to close out her day. Still. Not displeased. And like I said in brief yesterday, I seem to be going linear, which is disconcerting. Good, though, I think. Training my brain.

My daughter is welcome here.
My department chair just walked by and poked his head into my back office. "Where's your daughter?"

He'd heard about the school closings and anticipated her presence. :) I told him that he might see her tomorrow.

My boss worries... but the professors don't mind Elayna a bit. One actually dug up a few mazes last time for her to work on.

Okay. Going now.
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