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Flogging Molly

When Elayna was an infant, I joined a BBS devoted to the Bordertown series edited by Terri Windling. It was a great place, and I've made friends there that remain good friends to this day... *waves to the 'townies on her friendslist*

So, back in the day, NRL started raving about this amazing band he'd discovered, and he felt the pressing need to give us all live bootleg cassettes... because at the time, they'd yet to cut an album, they were just this fucking awesome local-to-LA band that blew him away. A Bordertown band, in a way, Celtic and punk and raw and real and amazing.

I popped the cassette in... and "Selfish Man" roared out, and that was it for me. New favorite band. Never heard anything like them.

You see people all over wearing Flogging Molly T-shirts. First time I saw them live was at the Warped Tour, I forget what year... as they were setting up, there were no more than twenty of us there waiting.

But as soon as they started to play... yeah.

Everyone's discovered them now. But I still remember that old cassette. My band from the Border.

I dance, I sing, I sometimes outright wolf-howl. Their music runs through Shayara; one of the most pivotal scenes is set at a Flogging Molly show, to the tune of "Black Friday Rule". Julia uses "Delilah" as an alias, as a tribute. The soundtrack for the big battle between Julia's forces and Alanna's is partly the album Drunken Lullabies.

Julia and Fenris's song is "If I Ever Leave this World Alive".

Zan's and my song is "If I Ever Leave This World Alive".

To understand me, read Charles de Lint's Dreams Underfoot, read the Bordertown books, and listen to Flogging Molly.

At their last show, I sat there with tears pouring down my face as I quietly sang along with "If I Ever Leave This World Alive". volta was worried, but I reassured him. Good tears. Memories of partners past - not romantic partners. Partners in a way that few understand. Partners like Zan.

Many of their songs are reflections of my mind, of my guts... that song is the reflection of my heart.

And it started with a bunch of kids who yearned for the Border and a bootleg cassette with a hand-scrawled label...

Thank you, NRL, wherever you are. :)
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