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Back to work...

Hello to new readers kalemachka, ladyperegrine, and stone_!

Happy Anniversary... two of my favorite people in the world... morenasangre and farren!

I wrote Sara's first real interaction with Axis last night in placesyouhaunt. Funny - I wrote the first bit before I went to pick Adam and Elayna up... and while Elayna was finishing her homework, before we watched Jeopardy, I dashed downstairs and wrote another chunk that had just fallen out of my head.

Axis is surprising me. He's a classic case of a character changing as I write him, turning out to be someone totally different than I thought he was.

So for all that yesterday sucked, I wrote, I think I wrote fairly well, so I can be proud of that.

EDIT: And I'm 200-someodd words away from cracking 10,000. w00t.

Flogging Molly
Have the new CD! *Squee!* Y'know how you have that fear that somehow your favorite band is going to do a total 180? Adam's example is Tori Amos, from Under the Pink to Boys for Pele. I wasn't *too* afraid, and I needn't have been afraid at all; this album feels like Drunken Lullabies 2 (Electric Boogaloo), which is just fine by me, as Drunken Lullabies is one of my favorite albums ever. I'm already finding echoes of self in it.

More on that later.

Best of the best
Blame Adam for this...

What do you regard as the best sci-fi movie of all time?

Best fantasy movie - not including LotR?

Best kids' movie?
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