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This is so pissing me off.

On hold. For a long, long time.

Need to change opthalmologist appointment because, duh, they're gonna dilate my eyes - and my eyes tend to take 6+ hours to un-dilate.

So, um, I won't really be able to get much work done tomorrow if I get my eyes dilated at 9 AM...

Which would be fine if I had some sick time to take, but I don't.

So. Changing the appointment to an afternoon. If they ever pick up the fucking phone.

Yendi has been driving lately. Work to Elayna's school daily. Yay Yendi! So this would be his first time driving with Miss Kid in the car. He'll do fine...

These people need to pick up the fucking phone, seriously.

EDIT: Yeesh. October. At least that'll give yendi more time to practice driving.
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