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Okay, so remember the textbook issue that should have been resolved in April? Well. I think the publisher is apparently SICK TO DEATH of hearing from me. Which is perfectly okay, because I'm sick to death of having to fucking deal with them.

The thing I've been bitching about is their utter inability to provide desk copies. There's a larger issue, but stick with me here.

So I requested two desk copies of one book, and three instructor's solutions manuals of the other.

They sent me NINE desk copies of that first book. And with the other, they sent me five of each of the following:

* The textbook
* The solutions manual
* The test bank
* The "transparency acetates"
* The complete instructor's guide, which is a 3-inch binder jam-packed full of paper.

None of which we will use, save the actual text and solutions manual.

In short, they have sent me a ridiculous amount of stuff.

I think that the goal here is to not to have to talk to me for the rest of the year.

Again. I'm fine with that. :)

I *so* wish I had a camera right now...
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