Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

On autopilot

Professor: "Okay, my topics course will be "Codes and..." What is that? Is it cryptology or cryptography?"

Me: "Cryptology."

We look at each other, blinking owlishly, silently acknowledging that that was a bit odd and bass-ackwards.

Professor: "So what's cryptography? As compared to cryptology?"

Me: "Cryptography is writing in code. Cryptology is the study of cryptography."

Professor: "Yeah, you're right. I'm going to be teaching cryptology. Because I'm going to be teaching about the math involved."

Me: "Okay."

My boss tentatively mentioned that she hadn't seen any corpses yet today. I reminded her that the day is not yet over, and informed her that the department chair 'specially requested that I kill a particular book rep.

Also that between pulling all of these figures out of my ass files for the massive grant the department chair is applying for, haranguing the publisher of one of our texts over something that should have been resolved in APRIL (which I'll have to summarize another time, it's... amusing), and doing the Spring 2005 schedule with people literally leaning over me to change things as I type.... I cannot be held responsible for my actions.

Collision in my office a few hours ago...

Director of Undergraduate Studies, to Department Chair: "Don't bother her! She's working on the schedule!"

Department Chair, to DUS: "No, you don't bother her! She's working on the grant and on the book problem! ...Oh."

*blink* *blink* *guilty looks on their faces*

They proceeded to have a conversation in the background.

Chair, to DUS: "Did T. ask you about the instructor evaluations? Are you the one who handles that?"

Me, not looking up: "Nope, that's me. I e-mailed him the memo I give to the instructors."

Chair: "Oh! Okay, good."

Me: "Am I done on this grant proposal? Do you need anything else from me?"

Chair: "The e-mail from yesterday..."

Me: "Yep. Got you the breakdown on graduating majors by year, major, and gender; waiting on the college office for the ethnicity breakdown. Got the list of all of the freshman seminars of the past five years, number of students. Number of future majors."

Chair: "Ah. Okay. I think you're done."

Me: "Cool. Just e-mail me if you need anything else. Verbal communication is ungood lately."

Keep in mind that I've been talking about 90mph all afternoon....

Yes, I'm typing on LJ now. This is because I am being proofread.

We have a "tea party" to welcome new grad students in half an hour. Tea party. I'm charmed. Except not really. I just want to go home.

My business cards at my old office said "administrative demigoddess".
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