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telling time

It has occurred to me that my year is littered with small anniversaries; I tend to remember days where, at some point, my life has shifted.

I was diagnosed with epilepsy on October 7, 2003. Just a month and a day til that anniversary.

Perhaps I'll write a book on that, too.

EDIT: Incidentally, I had the first seizure that I actually recognized as horribly wrong on September 9 '03. That entry was my first attempt to pull words from a post-seizure state, I think. My second, at least here on LJ, is here - and there it was distinct enough that it was recognized as post-seizure.

Those links were f/o. I've opened them, because it's no longer this "omigod I'm going insane" thing.

ALSO EDIT: The fortune in these things is that you'll find out who loves you, and who was only there for the fun bits.

yendi is an amazing person. But I'd already known that for years...
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