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Okay, this is the second incidence this week in which I've either been informed or inadvertantly involved in a person hacking their spouse's e-mail. One person told me that he'd read his wife's... and I just got an e-mail from the wife of another friend who I've been corresponding with, going a little nuts because she discovered that we were talking.

Um, message to any friends and exes out there - if your spouse would react ballistically to the fact that you're carrying on a completely nonromantic nonsexual e-mail correspondence with me, you kinda oughta talk to your spouse about whatever issues the two of you are having. And as regards me, tell me something clearer than "she's a little threatened by you". Communicate that she'll threaten divorce if she sees an e-mail from me saying "This is a summary of the story I'm working on. And how are *you*?"

Because then, y'know, I'll recommend that you and I not have an e-mail correspondence til your shit is straightened out.

But back to the invasive spouses... this is particularly hot-button for me, as it's happened to me. My ex-husband broke into my account at least twice, particularly focusing on e-mails between Yendi and I (and therefore violating Yendi as much as me). And it really pisses me off. Really pisses me off. So I'm not happy with thi chick's behavior on a number of levels. But I'm not entirely happy with my friend, either...

Y'all, seriously. Honesty. Respect. If you don't have that, you don't have a fucking relationship. Either fix it or move on. But don't do this shit to each other.
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