Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

She sparkles.

That's what Elayna's teacher said about her at the open house. "She sparkles."

And Elayna, during the open house, recited about half of her two-page report on Pluto from memory, when asked for one fact by the teacher.

I have never seen a teacher so enthusiastic. And she's not new-and-not-yet-jaded; she got her Montessori certification 30 years ago! She just really, genuinely loves what she's doing, and it shows. I'm really glad that Elayna's in this class.

Pathetic turnout, as usual. Out of 20? 22? students in the class, only what, 6? families showed up. Those who did were really enthusiastic, though; very good energy in the room last night. :)

I felt guilty for not volunteering to be Room Parent. I'm going to keep feeling guilty for stuff like that. Limiting myself has to be a very conscious decision; volunteering for everything is my default!

Anyway, Elayna's teacher likes her quite a lot, particularly bringing up how, during a discussion of the homeless, Elayna passionately defended homeless people, bringing up examples of how they could've gotten that way. Elayna is apparently very attentive and engaged. Good!

This is a teacher we can work with.

I am well pleased.

We also got to talk to the band teacher briefly; she seems nice, but she only has the kids for about an hour a week, so she doesn't really get much teaching time. Elayna needs to put in practice at home!

Didn't get to talk to the Gifted teacher, because we ran over on our time with her regular teacher. That's okay. Next time.

I'm really happy with Elayna's progress so far this year, with the sole exception of the homework thing. I plan to talk to the after-school care people about that, see what their policies are - because it is a disadvantage to her, homeworkwise, when she doesn't get started until 5:30.

Otherwise - great. :)
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