Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Finally Friday

Happy birthday, current and early: blky, brownsfan56, hdaemon, kimeepower, and fiddle_dragon!

Y'all have fun!

Hurricane Frances
Y'all get the hell out of there! You realize that this storm is bigger than your entire state, right? Leave. Come up here, we'll have a slumber party.

That means you, morenasangre and farren.

Old School
Childhood-friend Jeff and I finally got ourselves coordinated enough to talk on the phone last night. It was interesting and cool. I mean, it's been years since we talked, since he moved to Orlando and I was going through the hell that was life with my ex-husband. Just brings it all back.

He's probably the one person who has a full perspective on Shayara; I had him go to the website, and he was so excited to see the evolution of the story. That and: "Dude, Kat and Mouse Studios - that's cute! She's Mouse, then?"

You gotta be old school to remember when I was going by Katrianna. :)

"Dude, the chick in the green tank top looks just like you."


Also, he's the only non-family person who's actually understood the weight gain and loss.

I've known this guy since I was four.

It's cool to be back in touch. :)

And hey, he works at Disney now! So next time we go to Orlando, we get in free!
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