Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
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Random mini Elayna update

So. Fourth grade.

She has about twice the homework as she did last year, which is to be expected; she's still adjusting. Her problem is that she's considering stuff like her family-history project quasi-optional.

"Well, the teacher said I didn't have to do the baking one."

"She excused you from that because you were only there for two days of that week."

When it comes to homework, child, you are not a special little snowflake. Buckle down and get it done. I need to talk to the after-school program to see how they work the homework thing - how much time the kids are given to do homework. If the other activities are mandatory - i.e., can Elayna do homework when her class is, say, in the computer lab. Because her great disadvantage is that she only has from about 5, 5:30 to 8:00 to do homework, eat dinner, do all of her other at-home stuff, and get to bed. And she needs to read for half an hour, write about what she's read, do spelling homework, and work on the week's project. Factor in that we haven't always been getting home "on time", because we have stuff to do...

Band on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
Drama Club on Tuesday.
Gardening on Thursday.
Girl Scouts on alternate Saturdays.

And now she wants to run for Student Council President. She may have missed the deadline on that; we'll see.

I want to encourage her to try new things, but I am concerned about the homework thing. I need to impress upon her that if she's not getting her schoolwork done to my expectations and standards, she's going to start dropping extracurriculars.

She hasn't had a Drama Club meeting yet, but she loves all of the others. Gardening. Seriously. And her best friend V. has joined the band and is also playing flute...

Interpersonal Dynamics
I think Elayna only has one kid in her class that she had in last year's class, and it's not someone she hung out with a lot. So she's getting to know new kids... one of whom she knows from Girl Scouts, others who she's just getting acquainted with now.

And she seems to have a crush on a boy.

Which pleases me. Because he isn't the psycho little asshole that she's been "dating". Gods, please let our lives be rid of that freak.

Anyway, her focus has been changing a lot, interpersonally, and she's hanging on to her most important school-friendship while branching out, which is, I believe, a Good Thing.

Her latest obsession
Cryptography. Yep.

I plan to ask her teacher tonight what their policy is on research projects, if it's like 1-3 Montessori where they can just jump in and do stuff.

More later, I think.
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