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Got a call back from the neurologist's nurse.

Described side effects, particular with they call "agitation" and I call "oh my fuck aaaaaaaggghhhh make it stop". Asked if she thought it was likely that that would even out.

No. That will not even out. That will continue and can spin out of control and "I've seen that happen, and it's not pretty."

"So this is not something I should tough out."

"No. Do you still have the schedule I wrote you, of how to go off the Lamictal and on the Keppra?"


"Okay. Start reversing that. Tonight."

I am medically unacceptable. Whee!

She asked if the Lamictal side effects were preferable to these; I said yes, and that I'd pretty much been hoping that this would even out. "No. If it's like this, it will not stop." So.

What are the odds of me ever having a balance, of me having seizure control with minimal and manageable side effects?

Apparently, not good at all.

Okay. Well. That's what I needed. I needed to know whether I should be fighting this or working around it. Which direction I should send my energy. Well. Now I know. Work around it.

So there we have it.

EDIT: I'm actually pretty relieved. Because now I know I'm not a wimp, and I'm not Worrying About Nothing - I was worrying about something that is drastic and serious.
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