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* Happy birthday to rhicat!

* Does anyone still need Gmail? gmail_invite has such a glut of codes right now - ladyortyger is actually letting the posts through one at a time, and she has a *huge* backlog.

So if you want a code, e-mail me at shadesong AT *smooch*

* It has occurred to me that the exhaustion is probably at least partly due to the medication. Well, duh. *aggrieved sigh*

* I have Labor Day weekend free for the first time in years. What do people do on Labor Day weekend?

* I feel horribly guilty about making friends-list cuts. Gotta be done. Doesn't mean I don't like people. Just. Aaagh. Overload. Most of the cut-people are being cut because we have zero interaction. And no one should feel like they have to leave just because I'm not reading them; this isn't a rejection, and I'll probably pop over to your LJ when I have time and see how you're doing...
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