Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong (shadesong) wrote,
Magical Truthsaying Bastard Shadesong

Pretty like you

So yesterday, I'm at the Cancer Institute -

That's a gripe right there. Would it be possible for them to please offer mammography at a place that's not called the frickin' Cancer Institute? I mean, seriously.

Anyway. I'm there, I'm getting my boobs smushed, and the tech and I are chatting, and I mention Elayna.

"Oh - is she pretty like you?"

I do not think that I am attractive in the slightest, but this was not the time for a discussion of that nature, so I just said, "She's much prettier." Because, y'know, she is.

"Oh, the pretty ones always have it so much easier."

And she goes on. Apparently her daughter is "a little chubby" and has a hard time of it. And apparently pretty girls just have an easier time in general, everyone's disposed favorably toward them and whatnot...

EDIT: The chubby = not pretty thing was all her. I do not agree with that. /EDIT

It rubbed me the wrong way. (And no, it wasn't just the tit-squishing, though that wasn't particularly fun either.)

She didn't mean anything by it. That much was obvious. There was no bitterness there, no rancor. She seems like a very nice woman.

I guess it just rubs me wrong that there could be an assumption that, because she's pretty, my daughter isn't earning what she gets. That she has an edge over other people just by something physical and arbitrary. That her dimples could trump someone else's hard work.

That just makes me really uneasy. Still trying to get words for that. I'll likely revisit it when I'm less exhausted.
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