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I have recently been told, with regards to my writing, that I have It.

I don't really know what It is. I don't feel like I have It. I have this world in my head, but I never know how well I'm communicating it.

I'm proud of some of the stuff I turn out; I particularly like the Julia and Katrianna sections of the Four Sisters story that the Blog-A-Thon sponsors got. Among other stuff.

But I'm really inconsistent. I'm not as pleased with the stuff that I *push*; the stuff I'm proud of is mostly stuff that just fell out of my brain all in one piece.

I worry that my writing is too spare, too terse. cissa says that that's a good thing, so I'm turning that over in my head.

My style is not sonnet; it's haiku.

I've felt like that could be a Bad Thing, that I'm not descriptive enough, not evocative enough; that my work will be too short - but when I try to extend things beyond their natural flow, it simply doesn't work. Forcing it too much.

I have only recently become aware that I have a "writing style" - the spareness, the clippedness; haikujaguar said it was "punky and romantic".

I don't sound like anyone else. Which is a Good Thing, but makes it difficult for me to gauge.

I'm shy. Sharing my writing is a New Thing, as of LJ. This has only fairly recently gone from me scribbling along in my room to me tentatively showing people.

Which also explains why I'm terrified to submit stories to publishers! Do I have It? I don't know. But this is new. Must plug along.

I've only newly really realized that short stories are just as valid for my world-building as novels - look at the example of Charles de Lint and Newford! Short-form. Less worrying.

Aaaaand this is just me noodling around. Being all meta and stuff.

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