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I broke murnkay. My day is complete.

No, seriously. Complete. Can I go home now? I want a milkshake. And a gwynraven.

The milkshake reminded me of the milkshake song which reminded me of the mooooose hairdo from Princess Diaries 2 which reminded me of the moose that soph_nyc is sending me which reminded me that I check the PO Box yesterday and thank you for the mix CD, raptorgirl!

In other PO Box news, I got postcards from hasfartogo and, a while ago, just_arty; thanks! And have not received take two of the slipjig/rafaela mix yet. Le sigh.

I still want a milkshake.

And I think I'm going to buy myself an iPod. Because I deserve it for going through all of this medical shit. They have an instant-loan thing.

Or rather I shall tell my mother that I am buying an iPod for reasons above. And wait for her to offer to buy it for me. Hope for it, anyway. Because I'd still rather get it for free. But I'm not waiting for $WINTERHOLIDAY.

Also, I think I'm going to do mix CDs for $WINTERHOLIDAY this year.
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