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Bad meds day. Jumping out of skin.

My major challenge of the day: keeping from telling my daughter to shut up. We're watching the Olympics. I'm really glad she's taking an interest in the Olympics. I really am. But she won't shut up. She is not quiet for a second. As a result, I don't know what the fuck is going on, because I can't hear the announcers. And it's driving me crazy. So basically I've been flipping through the Junior Girl Scout badge book as we watch and showing her cool stuff during the commercials, just to distract myself from the fact that she will not shut up.

She doesn't deserve me yelling at her. This isn't about her. Well, not entirely, not even mostly. This is a listed side effect. I just need to be glad that I'm able to recognize that it's the medication and not her that's doing this to me.

I'm itchy and vibratey and wired. The funny thing is that this is supposed to be the anti-mania drug; this is supposed to smuch that stuff down. It's having the exact opposite effect on me. daonnan had the same experience on Keppra, apparently.

It's not this bad every day. Wednesday was the worst. Today is, well, second worst.

But I remain aware that it's the medication, that it's not me or Adam or Elayna, and that helps, I think.

Hey, only five and a half weeks til I get to the appropriate dosage, and then I get to slowly figure out if these side effects are going to go away - and, if not, decide what to do then.

Nothing relaxes me. I wish there was something that did - that taking a nice long bath would make the jitteriness go away. Or whatever. Nothing does. Everything just makes me more irritable. Or just not less irritable.

In other news
* I got a box of very nice stationery from Adam's mom; she's very thoughtful.
* Talked to my mom this morning, getting advice on Elayna's ankle, which she's still favoring a bit, but not nearly as much as yesterday. When she said goodbye, she said, "I'll talk to you tomorrow." Aaaaagh.
* Childhood-best-friend-Jeff's domain name is his son's name, so his e-mail address is "daddy@[son's name]". The "From" line just shows "Daddy". Not Jeff - Daddy. That's really disconcerting, seeing "Daddy" pop up in one's inbox. Particularly since I've never called my father "Daddy". Just weird.
* I have desires beyond my means. I have tons of art that I want to frame, but I have no money to do so. I have so much stuff I want for the house. Et cetera. And yes, I know that everyone has this problem. :)

That is all for now.
Tags: epilepsy, epilepsy.keppra
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