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Who are you when you're not you?

I've been Shadesong online for eight years. There are other people out there usin the name, but not many; most Shadesongs online are me. My identity.

I created an account somewhere recently that I needed to use a different name for, as Shadesong was taken. So I just kinda stopped, baffled.

Who am I when I'm not me?

The reflexive response is Katrianna. That's the handle I was using before Shadesong; Katrianna is a character in Shayara. But I don't identify with her as heavily anymore. So I backspaced that. Not Katrianna.

I have had so many nicknames. Layne called me Harmony, for one... but is that who I am, ten years later?

Will require thought.

In the meantime, I picked something from the apocrypha of my life, a name that the guy I based Bram in Shayara on said that I would take one day, after I'd passed on my then-name. Which I passed on to Elayna at her birth.
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