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More Answers!

Do you have an animal totem? What is it and how did you find it?
I wouldn't call Raven a totem as much as I'd call him my crazy grandpa! I've had Raven dreams since I was a kid.

The "h" is burnt out on the local Krispy Kreme sign, my boyfriend is Doug. So we got a pic of him pointing up to the sign that says "Krispy Kreme Doug nuts"

Do you think you will have more children, or is one enough to handle?
I'd decided a little while back that I didn't feel the need for more. I have an awesome kid already! And babies are expensive and time-consuming... I know I'd have another awesome kid at the end of it, but just the one kid keeps us so busy!

Of course, now the medical issues have kinda made that decision for me.

Still, should I have another happy accident, I shall have the kid. :)

When I've done my healing/energy stuff with you, what impression have you come away with of me, how is it different from the me you see in my journal e-mail whatnot?
Not much different - and I think it's because there's not an energy exchange - does that make sense?

If I don't like him much at all anymore, why can't I stop thinking about him and why do I still feel jealous of the New Girl?
Because emotion is illogical. It sucks - I'm sorry. :(

While the library book sale, I picked up a couple of the Scott Corbett "trick" books. But now I don't want them. Think Elanya would? They deal with science and magic.
Sure! Thanks!

What is chai? And why is it so good?
Black tea with spices, blended with milk.


Do you think some of the things between you and your Master will ever influence the stories in Shayara? In other words, would you use that venue to explain your relationship without betraying it?
I'm not sure what you mean by "betraying it"... but I'm pretty sure it won't be creeping in. My real-life relationships tend not to.

Why are you so well-known?
Dude. I have noooo idea.

Would you consider ponyplay? Would he? (I think you'd make a terribly fetching show pony.)
You are terribly silly. :P And that would be the problem with ponyplay for me - too silly! I'd never stop giggling, and I don't think Master would either... :)

what constitutes a good hair day for you? Are pigtails the answer to bad hair days? Would you look good bald or in headscarves?
Good hair day = wavy, not frizzy. Pigtails are for medium hair days; braid is for bad hair days. Never been bald; never worn a headscarf. m0usegrrl looks adorable in a headscarf!

Would you?
Would I, could I, on a train?

Am I your 'type?' ;)
I don't have a type, per se, but you're adorable. :)

So it's not original, as someone asked, but I'll gank it & ask relative to myself: "If you met me, would you run for the hills or would we be buds?"

How the holy heck-fire do you find the time to post so much? ::marvels::
Underworked - and I type really fast!

Am I nuts for thinking that things will be better after I graduate? Or is it just wishful thinking because everyone's always said, 'Just finish school and it'll be better.'?
I don't think you're nuts. *hug*

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A ballerina! I was a serious ballet dancer from the age of 4. Then an actress (classes from the age of 8), and then, from 5th grade on, a writer... :) Incidentally - I think you rock, too!

Ask me more!
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