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More answers...

How does the whole master & husband thing work?
Easier than you might think... rest assured that none of my Master's orders conflict with my relationship with yendi in any way.

If you met me, would you run for the hills or would we be buds?
Buds, I'd hope. You're cool. :)

why are you anti-counseling? (for yourself?)
Reeeeally bad experiences with "therapy" in my childhood and teenage years.

if you had the option to break from the devil as is MS would you want to switch to linux(or are you already using it)

MS? What do you take me for? I'm a Mac girl!

what's the best way to earn an adult cat's trust?

what do you think your life will be like on aug. 10, 2009?
Ideally, I won't be working *here*.

This deserves its own post. Remind me.

What is your quest?
To rock!!!11!

how did you find someone to illustrate your book(s)?
m0usegrrl and I had known each other online for a while, but I'd never seen her art. She came to town for DragonCon 2001 and entered the art show, and wow! So I was telling her how awesome she was, and she mentioned that she'd always wanted to do comics, but she can't write for beans. (I disagree.) And I said, "Well, I can't draw - but I have this story..."

What's your favorite flavour of ice cream?
Chocolate cinnamon.

I'm addicted to Shayara. The characters seem very real. Are any of them based on--or inspired by--real people? (Well, I guess they'd have to be a little bit, but I mean are any of them almost the same person as someone you know? Does that make sense?)
It does make sense. Some of them are very much physically based on people I know - a lot aren't! But some are.

Even when they're *very* strongly *visually* based on someone, though, they become their own person. Halloran and Ryan are not at all like their real-life physical counterparts these days...

And thanks!

Do you have a furry avatar? If not, why not? 8-)
Nope. Don't do the furry thing...

If there were an advert for a new brand of Chai tea, with a guy droning "mmmmm.... Chai Hulud" and a picture of a sandworm -- would you get the reference??
Yes, and omg that's an awesome idea - can I ask someone to draw it?

So like dude, ask me/tell me stuff.
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