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More answers!

What're you reading lately? I don't think we've gotten updates recently...
At lunches, Singularity Sky, by Charles Stross; at home, I'm halfway through the Chrestomanci books by Diana Wynne Jones.

where do you find the time? you know, for everything? does it lurk under couch cushions or something?
What is this time of which you speak?

You know how when you pack a suitcase, you try to maximize every square inch? That's how I am with time, as it is Very Limited. I do writing at lunch. When Elayna's at karate tonight, I'll be grocery shopping, among other things.

Where is love? Does it fall from skies above? Is it underneath the willow tree that I've been dreaming of?
Why do birds sing so gay... and lovers await the break of day? Why do they fall in love?

If Kat (piperdawn) and I ever make it to your neck of the woods, wanna hang out & get some chai?
Dude, yes, totally. :)

Do you think you'll ever be willing to share your experiences with Master?
I'm not sure... we'll see! :)

Have you ever received rape counselling and if so do you think it helped?
I have not. I am anti-counseling - for myself, not for anyone else!


Should I take a great leap into the void and head for my own personal Margaritaville?
Go for it!

Have you always known you are a writer?
Since fifth grade...

Why do women hate me so much?
Are you taunting them with unavailable chocolate? Otherwise - insufficient data, man, I dunno. *I* don't hate you, fwiw.

How shaken were you before Elayna explained "beaver you"?
Not really shaken. Just a big wtf?

Who's your biggest influences as a creative person?
Charles de Lint. :)

Who is Chris Haas?
He's just zis guy, you know?

Did you remember that there are people that haven't met you that think you're nifty?
*hugs* Thank you.

Ask/tell me more!
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