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Do you ever wonder what it would be, if it wasn't Shayara?
It's been a few different things. Shayara is the one that's snapped into my brainmeats the most; it's my life's work.

It'd be interesting to see which of my other worlds would be most prominent of Shayara didn't exist. Probably And These Places That You Haunt, now that I think of it.

How difficult do you find it to write anecdotes?
Not very. I tend to push my fiction more than I should, just to have written something so I can feel Accomplished. The nonfiction anecdotes just pop out fully-formed whenever they feel like it.

Tea and Cake or Death?

Anything I would ask is likely entirely too personal for an answer...
*aggrieved sigh* *sticks out tongue*

How long does it take you to read your full friends list?
That's difficult to assess - because I don't just sit down and read it. I read bits whenever I can. And I haven't always been reading it lately; I've sort of given myself permission to let it slide when I don't feel up to it.

Do you think I yam sessy?
J00 are so sessy!

Hmm... Should I go to grad school or get a better job? :-)

So if you had any kind of Krispy Kreme in front of you, what kind would it be in a perfect world?
Only one? If it was only one, it would not be a perfect world.

Mmmm. I love Original Glazed. Also, I want cinnamon.

You seem unhappy with me, or at least not very friendly. Just curious.
This answer can go out to anyone who feels this way.... I've just been pulling inward a lot lately. Cocooning. Freaked out by health issues, more even than I've said here.

Don't worry about this - it's not you. When I have a problem with someone... they will Know about it! *hug*

how come when you do polls and stuff people actually answer them but when i do them they get studiously ignored?
Dunno... I very rarely answer polls like this, because I totally draw a blank.

Which icon is your favorite?
The Elayna one. I just love my daughter's smile!

Why are you unhappy with your body? You looked great at WMGA.
Thank you! :) My body's having lots of Issues right now; most of them a result of the anti-seizure medicine I've been on. Been having balance problems, dizziness, concentration issues, etc., but the stuff that's freaking me out the most right now is the rapid inexplicable weight loss (I went from 135 to 92, and I'm still dropping) and attendent hair loss. The weight loss is worrisome because the more I lose, the more fragile my system is - the hair loss is just a hy00ge blow to the ego. :(

I'm ditching fetish modeling to pursue more artsy-fartsy modeling. Am I completely insane here? Probably.
You already knew you were insane, though! And hi, back!

when was your last orgasm?
How sad is it that I can't remember. Master has stringent rules, and it's very difficult to follow them; it's like waiting for The Great Conjunction in The Dark Crystal, matching all of the necessary rules and opportunities. Been at least a week, possibly two.

do you feel that you would be the same person today if you were not raped
Nope. Not at all!

As for y'all telling me things...

*I only knew about D. Yay love!

* I'm not sure why I'm not really writing about my "sexual adventures" anymore. They're few and far between! But what I do with Master feels very private. I'm not under orders; it just doesn't feel right.

* Okay, that's TWO Krispy Kreme mentions. Someone better fetch me some fuckin' Krispy Kremes, y0.

* It's funny how whenever you and I have "tell me a secret" polls, we always tell each other the same secret. "Yep. Still happening."

Ask me/tell me more!
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