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Happy birthday to havelyard; hug him for us, sibylla!

Hello to new readers beeferbunni, solitaryvixen, the well-met-in-person ewin, and returning reader tardischan!

It'll get worse before it gets better.
The begins Week Two of the Great Medicinal Migration. My morning dose just went down by 50mg of the old drug and up by 250mg of the new one. I am so excited.

Should be a good day, though.
Lunch with static_eddie, and a coffee meeting with the faculty advisor and one of the student advisors that I'll be working with for the university's freshman mentoring program. The other student advisor is demetria23, who talked me into being a staff advisor again. I am so demetria23's bitch. I don't get to see her today, though; she's still out of state...

I'm not good at this whole "patience" thing.
I was on yesterday... with the university-employee discount, I can get the 20-gig for like $250. And I can get an Apple instant loan that would have me paying less than $10 a month for 24 months. Though I'd pay it off within six months. I just can't afford to throw down the lump sum at this juncture.

I have to be patient, because I might get it for $WINTERHOLIDAY. Goodness knows I've impressed it upon my parents enough.

But I'm impatient.

Tuesday/Thursday scheduling is going to be a little difficult now that we're no longer within walking distance of the dojo; must drive her to karate, which means rearranging dinner and stuff, too - and since I need to drive, I lose over an hour of getting-stuff-done-at-home time.

But yendi had his first driving lesson on Sunday, and with luck, he'll be able to take over in a month or two. Which would solve all sorts of problems. :)
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