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Okay, I'm pleased.

Well, in case you didn't pick it up from my frustration, Elayna didn't get into the magnet school. Which she would have if it were merit-based... grr. But. Anyway. We talked about it yesterday, and she's cool with it.

So registration at her "old" school is today, 7 AM to 7 PM. We got there around 7:15 or so. At first we were a bit disgruntled because not all of the stations were set up yet; we were further disgruntled when they weren't able to tell us what teacher Elayna would have. They were able to tell us in previous years. Not this year. She was really hoping to find out today!

But that was almost it on the frustration level.

The new-as-of-last-year principal rocks. The old principal was, you should pardon my vulgarity, a lazy bitch. This one, the former vice-principal, is very proactive, and it shows.

The new after-school program involves chess club, piano lessons, dance, science, etc., with the kids in small groups that move every hour. And they're very accomodating. I'd forgotten to save $240 for the first month... I'd grown unaccustomed to kid-expenses over the summer! But they were fine with my just paying the registration fee and sending in a check on the first day of school (I get paid on Friday).

Another fantastic idea - they sold pre-packed school supplies! Whole Foods bags labeled with "grades 1-3" and "grades 4-5", with everything they needed. Only $17. If they charged any extra, it wasn't much, and hey, it goes to the school! But I'd be surprised if they overcharged at all. That's a lot of stuff! And the convenience - wow. Not having to push and shove to get to the pencil boxes at Target!

They had school-year calendars, flyers about the Montessori program, etc. After-school pickup registration was hella organized - all color-coded, even.

A new principal - one that actually feels like doing her job - makes a world of difference. I'll have to send a first-day gift for her as well as for the teacher.

The cool thing about this school is the everyone knows her. The Montessori liaison/Gifted Program teacher remembered the whole family. All of the teachers know her. Not just the ones she's had. The lawn maintenance guys know her; as we were walking out, a guy with an edger said, "Is that Elayna? Hey, how was summer?"

Y'know, everything happens for a reason. If she's here instead of at the magnet school, there's a reason. Maybe it's so she can help the kids on the lower comprehension levels. Maybe it's because my commitment to helping out around the school is needed here more than it is at the magnet school. Who knows? But I'm confident that she's going to have a good year. We will Make It So.
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